After Market – Sept. 11th

Just a quick note to say that the new market layout was a success!  Customers had only good things to say about the new location in the lower area and those with children were happy that the children could now roam about without  worry of being hit by a car.  There are still some parking issues to work out.  We would ask that people not park down near the entrance to Smith Rd. nor  on both sides of the road as it makes it difficult for others coming and going.  We will be looking at designating an area for handicap parking.  For the time being the food and coffee will remain near the Visitor Information Centre but as soon as power is established down below they will be moving.

Thanks for everyone who visited today and gave us feedback.


Vendors may still be switched about a bit but here is what we have so far.  Several vendors were not here today because of the damp weather.  We were very fortunate that the rain held off the market was over.  Click on the photos and diagram to enlarge.


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