2022 Annual Vendor Agreement

Vendor Rates
Season Vendor Annual Membership         $10
Full Season (May 27-October 7)                $20/day 

As a Vendor at the Chester Farmers and Artisans Market I agree:

  1. To pay all fees as set out in this Agreement.
  2. To abide by the Policies and Procedures for the Market.
  3. That other vendors may sell products similar to yours.
  4. To obtain all necessary licenses and permits required to sell your product(s), and provide proof to the Market Manager.
  5. To report any changes or additions to your product selection to the Market Manager for approval before bringing them to the Market.
  6. To notify the Market Manager at chesterseasidemarket@gmail.com of any planned absences and any short notice absences as early as possible and at least 48 hours before the market day.
  7. That your Membership is non-transferable. In the event that the ownership of your business changes, it will be necessary for a new application to be filed. That the business previously had a space does not guarantee a space will be available when the new application is considered by the Association’s Board of Directors.
  8. To share concerns or suggestions with the Market Manager in a spirit of cooperation and with the intention of improving the quality of the Market for you, the vendors, and our customers.