Policies and Procedures

Vendor Fees

Membership Dues for the Chester Farmers & Artisan Market are $10 per year and due at the first market a vendor attends that year.   Receipts for Membership Fees will be issued when fees are collected.

Booth fees are as follows: 
Full Season (May to Oct) – $20.00 per Market day
Summer Season (June 21st to Labour Day) – $20.00 per Market day

Vendors are encouraged to pay by the month.

There is also the option to pay for the season in full and receive 2 free Market days.  Those paying for the season in full will receive a receipt at that time.  All other vendors will be issued fee receipts at the end of the season.

Vendors will not be entitled to refunds for missed market days, except under extraordinary circumstances, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Vendor Application and Selection

 All vendors, returning and interested, must apply annually by:

  1. Submiting a completed online Application Form indicating the products they wish to sell. (Returning vendors are asked to indicate any changes to their product selection).
  2. Agreeing to pay fees as outlined above.
  3. Reading and signing the Food Vending Checklist if selling food or prepared meals.

Vendor Selection

The Chester Farmers’ & Artisan Market Association is committed to creating a diverse and sustainable market with locally sourced and produced products.  The Association is not bound to apply a particular set of selection criteria in every instance and reserves discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a vendor at any time.

General Considerations

– Consistently high product quality
– Clean and attractive displays
– Courteous, strong customer service, knowledgeable staff
– Foster a connection between the producer and the customer

Conduct and Compliance

– History of compliance with Market rules, federal, provincial and local regulations
– Positive vendor conduct toward customers and fellow vendors
– Payment history

Product Balancing

– Products that are unique
– Products not already represented at the Market
– Food products that are primarily of the Vendor’s production
– All non-food items must be produced by the Vendor.
– Direct reselling of products made elsewhere is not permitted.
– Duplicate products may be denied

Space Assignment

Spaces are assigned at the market based on need for electricity, need for vehicle access and a distribution of products throughout the grounds.  Every attempt will be made to maintain a vendor in the same location.  Occasionally a Vendor may be asked to take another space to accommodate the market because of Vendor absence or to better distribute occasional vendors.

Booth space is 10 feet by 10 feet, the usual size of a canopy.  Booth spaces will be marked out.  Vendors are responsible for bringing all their own display materials, tables, canopies, weights.  Every market day, no matter the weather, all canopies, are required to have weights on all legs sufficient to keep the canopy in place during windy conditions.  Failure to have proper weights means the Vendor’s canopy cannot be set up that day.

Vendors must take up only the space allocated to them and not allow displays to interfere with other vendors’ spaces.  Vendors are required to clean their space and remove all debris at the end of the market.

Vendor Requirements

 –  Vendors must agree to bring an adequate supply of their products
–  Vendors must report any changes or additions to the product selection to the President of the Association or the Market Manager for approval before bringing to the market
–  Vendors will adhere to the highest standards of quality and service
–  Pricing is at the discretion of the Vendor.  Vendors may have similar products.  Underselling or predatory pricing is prohibited.
– Vendors must comply with the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

–  Vendors are responsible for all necessary licenses, permits, inspections and certificates for the sale of their products.  Required licenses and permits must be available on site every market.

–  Compliance with both provincial and federal sales tax is the responsibility of the individual vendor

–  No pets will be allowed in the vendor’s selling area

–  Vendors must monitor and supervise their children at all times during the market.  Young children should not be allowed to wander the grounds and adjacent booths without a parent or guardian.  The Association takes no responsibility for their safety or any damages they may incur.


Regular Vendors are expected to attend all Markets during the season.  If a cancellation is necessary, the Vendor must contact the Market Manager, via email (chestermarket@gmail.com) or phone (902) 273 2177, 48 hours before the Market to allow space re-allocation of existing vendors and/or to contact a vendor on the waiting list.  Extraordinary circumstances will be taken into account.


The market is a community event where many diverse people gather to shop and sell.  Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, safe and harmonious manner with customers and each other.

Any language or behaviour that jeopardizes the normal operations of the market will be grounds for termination of the vendors membership and space.  Vendors must not publicly disparage other vendors, products, or the market.

Community Groups

Community groups and local non-profit organizations may apply to the Association for a free booth space to promote their programs and services.  One space will be reserved each week for these groups.  Non-profits may only sell products for fundraising purposes only.

Conflict Resolution

Any issues of conflict between vendor members shall be dealt with by the Board of Directors of the Association.  One or two Board members will meet informally with the conflicted vendors to try to resolve the issue.  If the issue cannot be resolved informally, then all parties involved will present their case to the Board and the Board shall render a final and binding decision for resolution.  In the event that the issue involves a member of the Board, that member shall not participate in the Board’s decision.  However, all vendors should strive to act in a positive manner and work co-operatively to present a quality, professional market.


Although the Chester Farmers’ & Artisan Market Association does carry liability insurance, the Association does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to the booth area, product, vehicle and any other property of the market vendor.  The vendor accepts all reasonable risks associated with the use of the market booth and will exercise sound loss prevention measures at all times.  The vendor shall not make claim or take any legal action against the Chester Farmers’ & Artisan Market Association or its representatives for any loss, damage or injury caused to the vendor, agents and/or property, including vehicles.

The Chester Farmers’ & Artisan Market Association strongly recommends that each vendor obtain their own general liability and product liability insurance.

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