6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello. I was inquiring about your farm market for next season. I am a farmer from the Annapolis Valley. I grow lots of beans,peas,tomatoes,lettuce,strawberries, blueberries and many other things. Do you have a opening for my farm for next year?. What day of the week and time is your market.


  2. Hello, My name is Jason Simpson from the Vegetorium Farm. I have a farm near Centerville in the Annapolis Valley. We grow approximately 15 acres of crops. Crops like green n yellow beans, peas, strawberries tomatoes, romaine, rhubarb and so many more. We would love to attend your narket this season.


    1. Hi Jason, we would be pleased to have you at our market this year. Could you please go to Chesterfarmersmarket application form and fill it out. I will need your phone number and email. I’m a new manager and am knew to this computer site. Thanks and we hope to see you on May 26; 9-12:30


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